Eddie’s Fight to Bring UGG Back Home

Dear Friends,

By now you may have heard or seen the news that just a few hours ago a jury in a US Federal Court in Chicago, awarded damages against me personally and my company Australian Leather Pty Ltd of over $640,000 – essentially for selling 12 pairs of UGG boots into the US over an 18 month period.

This case, which had cost me my life savings, was brought against me by the $7billion US corporate giant Deckers Outdoor Corporation, who owns the ?UGG? trademark In the US and in most other countries around the world.

I stood up to this corporate bully because I believe Deckers should never have had the right to trademark UGG in the first place because it?s a uniquely Aussie term for sheepskin boots and should belong to Australia.

I will keep fighting this, all the way to the US Supreme Court if necessary because it’s the right thing to do for Australia.

Unfortunately, the Australian government hasn’t lifted a finger to help me in this battle, even though this would help every Aussie ugg boot maker.

Right now I really need your help. You can buy a pair of Australian Leather?s quality ugg boots (but only if you live in Australia or New Zealand where Deckers can’t trademark UGG) for yourself, your family and friends. And you can help even more by making a donation to fund the legal battle in the US.

I can?t do this on my own. You can do your part to stand up for an Australian icon the UGG boot!


Eddie Oygur
Director of Australian Leather Pty Ltd